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Effectiveness of Propolis
Eingetragen am Saturday, 15. October 2016, 15:52 Uhr

I've got a chronic sinusitis problem, which came back and hit me hard in September and unfortunately the same meds that I had previously received did a poor job of getting rid of the infection. It starts with a badly sore throat, then goes to the chest and finally the sinuses become inflamed. My anti-biotics did initially help, but three weeks in to the attack, my throat again became very raw. A friend in Italy recommended propolis, and I found Cum Natura online and ordered the tincture. I began using it two days ago, and my throat is so much better, almost normal. I will use the drops for another few days, but will also use the bonbons with propolis. I am amazed at the speed of the normalization of my sore throat, and despite the bitter and burning taste of the tincture in my throat, I find this one of the best homeopathic meds ever! My only question is would the water-based solution of propolis be just as effective, but would not burn and taste so badly?

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